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Welcome to my virtual home on the web, a repository of thoughts and opinions including some of my academic pieces.

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Content Is Almost King

Everyone and their grandma has a blog nowadays, and this is creating a lot of noise which is becoming harder and harder to sift through in order to find the…

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10 Signs Of Intellectual Honesty

Note: This is a republishing of Mike Gene’s 10 Signs of Intellectual Honesty, originally published on his blog Design Matrix at wordpress. I was heavily impressed by it and…

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Climbing Down From the Ivory Tower

So I find myself back in Edmonton, and after a three month search I am finally about to re-enter the workforce. Everyone thought that by moving here it would be…

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Onwards and Upwards

As is common among first-time entrepeneurs, our enterprise is not working out like it was planned. While we have tried adjusting, adapting, and adopting new ideas, it is at this…

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