The Paper Lion

About Me

My name is Lee Kierstead (pronounced keer-sted) and this is my blog.

As a child I had a speech impediment, but fortunately my parents hired a tutor to solve that problem. I believe this early experience helped shape me to become the top student in all my English classes.1 Consequently I almost ended up getting a degree in it, but ended up pursuing something else.2

However, I have received enough compliments on my writing from teachers, professors, fellow students, and loved ones to convince me that pursuing the written word in some way is a worthy calling. So I hope to continue writing for them, and for myself in the hopes of improving.

About the Site

This site was launched May 10, 2014 but holds my collected works3 dating back to 2007. I thought it would be convenient for posterity purposes to do so. While the site contains mostly personal blog entries, it is my hope it will eventually become more than just a digital journal.

There are a handful of guidelines for my writing that you can consider as constituting a manifesto, you can hold these to be my promise to you —the reader.

The name The Paper Lion comes from the fact that I am a Leo —and also a gentle guy; consider the name to be more akin to totemism rather than branding.


It is to be held with clear understanding that any post reflects only a snapshot in time, is to be taken as opinion, and that I hold the right to change that opinion at any time. The onus of weighing the veracity of claims on this blog mostly lays between the author and the reader.

Every idea is free to float in the marketplace of ideas and to stand on its own merits or to be extinguished by better ones. I welcome contrarian opinions —in light of due respect— that have enough weight to change my own. In other words, I would consider it a kindness for you to correct my errors and to provoke further thought and discussion.

Changes are annoted in cases of errors where the content had grossly effected the intent. Changes made in cases of grammar, brevity, and more trivial matters are not noted.


This site is built with Jekyll using HTML5, CSS3, and some vanilla JS. It is hosted through Amazon Web Services (S3, Cloudfront, and Route 53).

The font used is Equity, created by Matthew Butterick who is the author of the very useful website Practical Typography. Other design considerations came from UX Myths and this hilarious website and all the subsequent spinoffs.

  1. It may not be saying much since I was a big fish in a small pond, but I received certificates throughout high-school for having the highest grades.
  2. I have a BA in Political Science from Grant MacEwan University.
  3. Well all I could collect from the various places I’ve ever posted: Myspace, Facebook, Tumblr, Wordpress, and even essays I submitted during my academic studies.