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Hello, I’m Lee Kierstead and this is my site. This is a personal sandbox and blog meant to keep friends and family in the loop, while also giving an outlet for my personal musings, writing, and rambling. It is with hope that in time and with practise my writing will improve.

I have many interests that I hope to cover here sometime regarding: coding, tech, environmentalism, minimalism, politics… However because of my taciturn nature the material may be slow going.


Note: This is a now1 section which details where I’m at and what I’m focused on. Anything else is of a lesser priority.

I’m currently residing in the city of Edmonton, AB with my fiancée Diana with our many pets and her two sons.

I am working on the following things.

  1. developing this site, and blogging!
  2. education; I am trying to get into NAIT for Network Engineering
  3. lifestyle; becoming more minimalist
  4. self-care; eating healthier for starters
  5. self-development; becoming kinder, more patient, more understanding, and more adventurous
  6. building skills & doing stuff…
Misc Author Details
Edmonton AB, Canada
Alumni of
Grant MacEwan University
Male (Cisgender)
187.96 CMT
86.18 KGM
  1. A nod to Derek Sivers who created the now page movement.