The Paper Lion

About me

Hello, I’m Lee Kierstead and I’ve spent most of my life in rural AB, Canada. I’ve received enough compliments on my writing in the past that I almost went and got a BA in English.1

I’m a bit of an introverted geek as should be self evident with this site. I have many interests that I hope to cover here sometime regarding: coding, tech, environmentalism, minimalism, politics… However because of my tactiturn nature the material may be slow going.

If you want to learn what I am up to currently you can discover it on my now page.

About the site

This is a personal sandbox and blog meant to keep friends and family in the loop, while also giving an outlet for my personal musings, writing, and rambling. It is with hope that in time and with practise my writing will improve.

The name The Paper Lion comes from the fact that I am a Leo—and also a gentle guy; consider the name to be more akin to totemism rather than branding.

  1. I instead majored in Political Science and minored in Sociology.