The Paper Lion


You can consider this an antithesis of my now page, a snapshot1 of where I’ve been rather than where I am.

  1. 1983: born in Yellowknife, NWT
  2. 1995: moved to Wetaskiwin with the family
  3. 2004: upgraded at Norquest College (2 yrs)
  4. 2006: started work as a dishwasher at Boston Pizza; started attending the University of Alberta
  5. 2007: worked again at BP, but as a Prep Cook
  6. 2008: started volunteering with Greenpeace; started attending Grant MacEwan University; briefly canvassed for the Wilderness Committee
  7. 2009: worked as a Baker’s assistant at Safeway; met Diana
  8. 2012: went on a roadtrip to Vancouver with Diana
  9. 2014: graduated university (6 years later!); launched this blog
  10. 2015: moved to Viking to manage The Rocket
  11. 2016: moved to Edmonton; started work as a Personal Shopper
  12. 2018: transferred departments at work; became engaged (August)
  1. This is a nascent work in progress. This means it will likely go through improvements, changes, and additions in the future.