Blogging About Blogging

I was told since I was a teen that I was a good writer, but that had never instilled the belief into me. I was good at spelling tests, where I would always do well, where even having a single error I perceived to be a failure. Writing assignments reflected the same and I would be surprised when someone got a higher grade than I did in my work. I took it for granted, and as a result I didn’t put forward much effort as it was (largely) natural.

Things didn’t change a whole lot even in post-secondary, and it caused me to lose interest in writing. I guess perhaps I needed a challenge to be interested? Some people like to go with the flow, to take the route of least resistance. However I wasn’t one of those people, at least not entirely. I went to school to become an engineer instead of an English major, I studied: chemistry, physics, and math. My education continued for another six years and I am yet to graduate. My studies expanded into different fields, not just academically but through personal interest.

I guess at heart I am very inquisitive and it is hard for me to focus on any one field of study too long. This blog may be a sign that things are coming full circle, on condition that it continues past the original post. Writing is like a shelter, it is a haven that allows me to express myself. For what good is knowledge if it is not expressed, shared or acted upon? The other reason I write is to regain or to hold onto my typographic mind, or i.e. my logical mind.

To organize thought, to think in steps and to build thought on top of thought, I believe that is the reason for my desire to write. I believe this is the case because people are naturally rational creatures, the capacity is there it is just the exercise of it that differs between people. This can be caused by the possession of luxury (in time) and conversely the possession of a stressful life that doesn’t allow for clear thought. For most life seems to be a game of hopscotch, with one focused on moving onto the next square. To what end is all the busywork? I am thankful that I have the luxury to write, to think and reflect. It is a free gift waiting for whoever wants it, it just needs to be taken by those willing to shift their priorities a little. I guess that is what they mean when it is said to make time.

Well this is me making time, let’s wait and see how many more instances this will occur.