Building Blocks

When I ever met or heard about someone famous or successful (usually both) I used to always think, how lucky! I used to also think it must be easy being rich, or being charismatic or being the leader of some company or non-profit. It’s easy to think these people were born with some inborn talent or natural propensity to be a success. What I didn’t realize, and I believe it to be true is these people probably failed much more than they succeeded.

What I mean to say, is they likely fell or stumbled quiet a few times on their way to the top. What I believe separates them from us normal folk, who never aspire to much, is fear. We’re scared of failure, and in my case also success. You’re afraid of people looking up at you like some sort of role model. A second part of the same problem is we give up too easily, that is why I mentioned these success stories we always hear about. They kept going when most would have given up.

There are things I would like to accomplish, I’m a very goal oriented kind of person. I definitely don’t want to be one of those older people who always say “time sure flies,” or “where did the time go?”

So I work at my goals, I adjust, I review, I try to keep track of where I am and where I’m going. I usually start with something small and simple, like trying to get enough sleep. Sleep is incredibly important, and I think it’s unappreciated especially by people in their teens and early twenties. I still struggle trying to get over seven hours a night. I’m lucky if I get six, most nights. It is something I want to conquer for sure.

I really believe if you wish to build a strong future you should work on yourself first, to have some strong beliefs to keep you motivated, some worthy goals in the future, with intermediary goals and some small ones. To do well in everything you do, no matter how small. To have integrity and personal strength. These are things I work towards.

Most people look for get rich quick schemes, or shortcuts in general, just think of all those who go on diets to lose weight, or cheat on tests. Diets don’t work, it’s a lifestyle change that’s needed. Same with most problems in the world we need dedication, not band aid solutions, we need to dive in and accept the consequences of our actions. Look at governments and politicians only thinking of the short term, only thinking about how to get elected again, rather on how they can make a more permanent and positive change.

Of course in most cases, if we want to see real results some sacrifices need to be made. I think that’s another reason people find it so hard to work hard on whatever it is they are trying to do. It’s also easy to fall off the bandwagon, but the important step is to pick yourself up and get back on again, and again, and again until it’s an unconscious habit.

It’s not about what you’re born with either, anyone can change and everyone starts from a different place, with a different set of cards. Personal success shouldn’t be measured against others, as there is such inequality on this planet, but our greatest competition should be ourselves. That’s how athletes do it, they push themselves constantly, trying to beat their old records, their old speed or distance or whatever.

This is the thoughts that have gone through my head lately, because I have been straying from my goals, and I need to realign myself.