I Am Still Around

I have not been taking time to write as of late, as is evidenced by my three month absence from my site, so some may be wondering “what’s up?” Seemingly nothing noteworthy has been happening in my personal life, and this is largely true. The Rocket has been gathering a lot of attention lately on our Facebook page, which is encouraging and we have been getting busier as the result of the combination of the increased exposure and more accommodating weather.

Since we have not been around even a year yet, it is difficult if not nigh impossible to know what the trend can be contributed to. It might just be that winter has always been slow for this business, but perhaps equally likely the cause can be found in some unknown factor. We have also stopped showing movies and have switched to being a venue for live plays. Currently the production of Little Shop of Horrors has been underway for quiet some time now.

There has been talks with one of the local carpenters on expanding and updating the stage on premises. It’s an interesting idea, perhaps a fantastic one. We had some live musicians here a little while ago and we had more people show up for the one performance than we did all month. As a business we need to adapt to the market, and the market seems to be telling us we need to utilize our stage more often. Who knows, this new focus may be the turning point we need?

Outside of the business aspects, things aren’t that bad. Would I rather be working in an office environment? No not really, yet that is where I imagine I would otherwise be. While the prestige and money would be great, I’m not sure if it would be enough compensation for the amount of work required. In the end I would like a job that has a measurable impact and isn’t just about the bottom line. While the client list for us isn’t a very long one, it definitely feels more measurable.

Instead of dollars and cents, I measure the impact we’re having on smiling faces, positive support & feedback, and repeat customers. There has been enough of this to convince me that –just maybe– my place is here. There has been a growing acceptance of this in me over the last several months. I have been acclimating myself to the culture and people here, and I have new friends and acquaintances here … probably more than I did back in Wetaskiwin.

I think maybe having to deal with the public has forced me to come out of my introversion and become more sociable, living in such a small town would probably have that impact on anyone. People who have known me from a long time ago would, I like to fancy, have a hard time recognizing me. The person I am today at the very least has made progress, has grown into something better. That I can be proud of.

On the personal level I feel more confident, self-assured, and ready to do what needs doing. Am I becoming a real adult? Maybe so!