Ignition Troubles At the Rocket

While it is still a little early to judge how things are going here at The Rocket, I can at least say it has been pretty fun. I am starting to enjoy being here, while we are not rolling in money the small things tend to make up for it. We can afford to be more intimate and personal with our customers, and I feel like a little bit of kindness goes a long way—especially in such a small town. It’s not just that we have to be nice to our patrons, it’s more I want to be nice to them.

I am also starting to take more pride in our little building, while I haven’t been actively taking part in the day to day affairs the desire to do so is growing. Just cleaning up gives me a sense of satisfaction, I guess maybe my introverted nature was keeping me from adopting this role at first. I think the business may be growing on me a little bit, and it would be nice to eventually say we own this building. It’s far down the road, but I’m really hoping we reach that point. It is just a cool environment to hang out in, even if there are days when there aren’t many people hanging out with us.

Being a part of a small business in a small town has it’s advantages. While it is not where I imagined I’d end up, there is nothing actually wrong with being where I am; also, while The Rocket hasn’t exactly taken-off just yet, it is still an exciting journey. However I am not putting all my eggs in this one basket, I may potentially be working either as a journalist or as an editor at the local newspaper chain (located just across the street). That would be OK too, as not all hands on premises need to be on deck even on our busiest days—it would survive without me being here.

Being an editor would possibly open doors, but it would also allow me to hone my writing and editing ability. I have always had some natural proficiency with the written word and I would like to pursue something that allows me to exercise that strength. This job may be the best avenue for doing so, at least in a career sense. While in school I majored in something other than English, it doesn’t mean I should stick to what I was trained in. What does a typical Political Science graduate do to pay the bills? Work at a think-tank or for a polling company? Join a political party and begin electioneering? Simply put, I don’t want to do those things. While on the other hand I don’t desire to become an English professor either.

This opportunity may prove to be my litmus test, to test the waters and find if I sink or swim.