I was born in the North West Territories capital of Yellowknife. My family eventually moved down to Alberta and I spent my childhood in the rural farming community of Innisfree. I had a speech impediment, but that was corrected thanks to an English tutor, ever since then English was my best subject. I was very artistic or what some would call weird as a child … I used to get picked on a lot as I grew up. I also didn’t fit in with my peers, I believe because I was older than all of them (I repeated Kindergarten). My best friend was named Daniel, and I think some of his weirdness had rubbed off on me! We got along pretty well. I had a lot of time to think about things as there were very few local children who didn’t live on farms! All the ones that did were girls!

I spent a lot of time reading and doing crafts with my mom. I did very well in school, until I got a Super Nintendo for Christmas when I was about ten years old. That moment probably changed my life for the worse in retrospect, as I spent too much free time playing video games! I still do. I did other things like Cub Scouts and Arts Classes, my dad would drive me there (thanks for that!). I eventually stopped my doodling and painting awhile ago, but I was quiet good at the time. My best memories were at the local church every Sunday, because I liked to sing, and I enjoyed the free cookies and stories! Also the skating rink in the winter, I almost had my first kiss there … long story. I had a lot of crushes on different girls, but I never had the courage to chase after any of them … except a girl named Megan. She was never interested in me though, she was more into my childhood rival Clayton. We always competed at everything, and I was always second place. I don’t think that helped my confidence any.

My family moved to Wetaskiwin when I was in Grade 5. It was difficult for me since I had gotten used to my hometown, and wasn’t very good at making friends either because of the solitude.

I started getting into fights, to stand up for myself for a change. Once I hit middle school, I was all attitude. I acted all tough, and always wore my jacket, I was weird that way. I shaved my head, and I didn’t care how I looked to others. At the same time I didn’t care about my grades either, and it showed.

It got to the point that if I got into one more incident I would be expelled. So I smartened up, and became a goody two shoes … for the most part. I would still play hooky once in awhile and just walk around town and what not. I was a born loner, and I was starting to get used to it. I think after the fights, people respected me more. As people finally stopped teasing me, or maybe they all just grew up? I never was invited to parties, maybe because I’m boring? Or people perceive me as so? Questions that may never be answered. I couldn’t really make friends easily, but then again I never really tried.