Resolutions 2014

This post was inspired by the annual thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, however instead I am going with a full list of goals I would like to achieve in life. First, I would like to comment on what makes a person successful. Success to me is not about achieving or accomplishing some externally set goal, such as the cookie-cutter getting a house, getting married and having kids. Milestones in life are arbitrary and driven by our values, facts don’t drive decisions, our personal values do. Whether you let someone else decide these for you depends on how much you need and value external validation. Since I am my own person —I think I can claim these goals as my own and will measure my success by my own barometer… I had to think about what goals I would actually like to have done for myself. Most of the goals in the lists that follow are tentative while a few are more long term focused. This list will likely be adapted in time, more goals added or made more specific.

The goals that I am more serious about and that I think are achievable within the next year are highlighted.




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