The Paper Lion

Will to Power

By Lee Kierstead on

Some would say we exist in a power-evolving universe. This is the underpinning to social darwinism, man eat man, everybody for themselves sort of life that sociopaths take for granted, I say bah-humbug to that.

I believe in a sort of intelligence that guides our reality. I believe in a “consciousness-evolving” universe.

Nature can be harsh sometimes, at least when observed subjectively. Like an animal that’s just killed its prey, and you feel sorry for the dead creature. They cannot choose to be compassionate, but we can.

I believe if we are to be true stewards to this planet, we need to act from a place of compassion & understanding. We should raise ourselves beyond our animal instincts and be more. To help and heal, to comfort and nourish each other.

If we don’t, it is such a tragic waste.