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This is a list of essays I wrote while in University, this listing will only be updated if I get into long-form writing.

Information Glut and the Loss of Meaning

This is an essay I wrote for POLS 410, an advanced class in political philosophy taught by Mr. Murphy. This was a lot of fun to write.

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The United Nations As a Forum for Norm Diplomacy

What use is the United Nations? It’s main function is to create new rules of order for states to play by. This is largely done using social consent and influence.

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Rationality In Times of Crisis

Cool heads prevailed during the Cuban Missile Crisis, but things could have very easily turned out differently if we had different leaders dealing with it.

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Muses, Daimons and the Importance of Thymos

What drives individuals? It is the heart of our being, it is the intangible and unseen core that is the chariateer of our souls. What exactly is it?

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Liberty and Free Will In Leviathan

This was an attempt to write an essay that differed from my classroom peers, in one significant way … it was not based on Machiavelli!

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Otaku Culture As Simulated Ethnicity

This is my attempt to explain cosplayers using some classical sociological theory. I like to think of it more as a creative exercise rather than academic.

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The Confluence of Weber and the 99 Percent

This was a more fun essay I wrote for my Classical Sociology course where I attempted to examine the Occupy Movement using “Weberian” theory.

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The Philosopher As Eudaimon

The philosopher is the “happy man,” and you can reach happiness through the practise of philosophy. This entails more than you know.

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Democracy And Ideology In Russia

This is an essay I wrote for my introductory comparative politics class, it’s not one of my best. However, it does let us see how my writing has evolved.

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